Trump is an insult to humanity

The publication of a list of news and editors dismissed (link) by the despotic president Trump is a scandal and a big shame. Everyone who has voted for him and whoever serves him and anyone who does not oppose him (and other despots) is implicated in the attempt to eradicate the pillars of democracy.

Donald Trump, Adolf Hitler, Benito Mussolini and Josef Stalin

The president attacks serious newspapers run by professional journalists and reputable commentators as Nobel laureate Paul Krugman. No one needs to like their journalism or the political residence of the newspapers, but they are worthy of respect for their daily journalistic work and investigating journalism and thus strengthening democracy. President Trump’s agenda is the opposite. He is not only a racist but also de facto an anti-democrat and a thus shame for the United States of America and the entire western world.

The world has not seen a similar behavior by a leading Western politician since the 1930’s and 40’s. Then they were called Stalin, Hitler and Mussolini. It’s time to stand up!




Source: Trump delade ut antipris till medierna – DN.SE

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