Sverigedemokraterna och blonda amerikaner


Turns out that, just like Romney, Sverigedemokraterna have their own 47% problem. You remember Romney’s  for-party-eyes-only video that emerged months after it was secretly filmed. With its dismissive language about entitlement, it managed to insult half of the US population.

KRÖNIKA Elizabeth Walentin


Now top Swedish Dems have their own internal-use-only video that has mysteriously reappeared. And this one hurls enough racist, sexist language around that is guaranteed to offend half of Sweden. If the 47% video put a small dent in Romney’s campaign, this SD video puts a huge hole in the party.

This video is so truly awful that I couldn’t stomach watching it more than once. It was a painful reminder of all the late-night encounters I have had over the years with drunk Swedes—from an Uppsala classmate who told me to go back where I came from, to a Gamla Stan neighbor who slammed a door in my face.

In fact, all of us immigrants have been in the same kind of verbal arguments that Soran Ismail found himself in with the SD bully crew of Erik Almqvist, Kent Ekeroth and Christian Westling.  (Although Soran kept his cool better than I do in these situations.) None of us are immune to it, even the blond haired, blue-eyed folks like myself—at some point our accent or our actions give us away.

Which makes statements in the video like “Bete dig som en svensk….här är mitt land.” all the more ironic. The only über-Swedish behavior I could find in this video was being aggressive and intoxicated. Walk around Stureplan late at night and you will see that Swedes are world champions at this behavior.

And now Jimmy Åkesson (aka “I’m-just-a-nice-regular-guy-like-you-with-a-sambo-and-a-cat”) is out there saying we shouldn’t view this video as a politically-motivated tirade. It happened before the bullies in question matured into the upstanding riksdagsledamöter they are today. But what politicians do and say before they are elected (and how much they lie about it) obviously ought to play into our trust of them.

At the very least, we are seeing SD for the party of hooligans that it truly is. Romney’s 47% video was so explosive since it showed how a candidate softened extreme views to reach a broader audience. The SD video does this and so much more.

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