Sanningen om Donald Trump – ”A Killer”

Donald Trump är en produkt av sitt förflutna, med en våldsam fader  som aldrig gav upp.

”He was tough. He was tough. He was tough.” brukar Donald Trump säga om Fred Trump. Livsfilosofin var ”be a killer”. 

Robert Trump: ”Donald’s the racer, but Fred was the plow horse.”

Läs den fascinerande analysen och de många kommentarerna om USA’s näste president, Donald Trump – eller rättare sagt, kanske näste president. Var förberedd.

”He’s not going to go away even if he loses the general election. He’s now going to be with us until he’s 150.”

Det amerikanska nätmagasinet Politico förde samman USA’s fem främsta Trumpkännare: ”Barrett, a longtime Village Voice reporter; Blair, a bestselling author; Pulitzer Prize-winning journalist D’Antonio; Hurt, an author and videographer; and O’Brien, a writer and editor at Bloomberg.”

Glasser: He’s now at a whole different level of presence in our national conversation.

O’Brien: Yes, in our lives. Now he can exist forever, because Fox will give him a TV show or something, even if he loses, and he can have an enormous political impact without ever holding office.

Barrett: I don’t think he wants a TV show. You think so?

O’Brien: I think he can’t live outside the spotlight.

Glasser: Now he’s addicted to it even more than he was before.

O’Brien: It’s like a narcotic.

Kruse: It’s nothing if not serial reinvention. Something will happen next.


There are five people who’ve gone deeper on The Donald than anyone else alive. We brought them together for the definitive conversation about who he really is.

Kruse: So to go back to something you said way back, there’s a hole that he’s trying to fill. What is the hole?

O’Brien: Love.

Barrett: Love.

O’Brien: Yeah, I think it’s love.

D’Antonio: Love. I think that he doesn’t understand love. So when Hillary Clinton said, “I think we need more love,” I think she recognizes this in him, too, and that’s the message that will counteract the Trump effect.”

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