On genocide and trauma

Jan Kizilhan, the psychologist who brought 1,100 Yazidi women, raped and tortured by Isis, to Germany for treatment, tells his incredible story and gives his testimony about the terrible evil of our time. Everyone SHOULD READ this well-written article below, by Philippe Sands at the Financial Times. 

“The youngest person I examined was eight years old. She was taken with her mother, first to Mosul then to Raqqa. She was sold eight times, raped more than 100 times over a period of 14 months.”

“The most brutal IS fighters are said to be the foreigners who’ve converted to Islam, those who came from abroad, from Germany, England, Australia.”

”A foreign fighter, a man called Abu Jihat, forced Kizilhan to learn the Koran but, as a Kurdish speaker, her Arabic was not good, so she was punished. He took her two-year-old daughter, called Tuli, and placed her in a tin box in the courtyard, where she stayed for seven days. This was Raqqa, in August, in the heat. Abu Jihat says to the mother: ‘If you take her out, I will [kill] the other two children.’”

Tuli is taken out after seven days. Abu Jihat submerges her in ice-cold water, beats her, breaks her back. She lives for two more days, then she dies. “This is how the unbelievers will be treated,” the mother is told.

“Isis betreiben Genozid auf Raten” — “Step by step, Isis carries out genocide”. The banner headline in Bild, Germany’s biggest-selling newspaper, appeared on August 15 2014, a few days after Isis took control of the ancient town of Sinjar in

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