A New Yorker frustrated over empty words

”The  American Presidential campaign is puzzling me…a passive-aggressive opposition is threatening US credit rating, and avoiding credible spending reductions coupled with progressive revenue increases.Yet the Free Market does NOT seem able to deliver an answer to this impasse. Is it even possible, as libertarians insist?
        In 32 years of the Reagan Revolution Era, the Free Market has delivered massive stock market gains, enormous shareholder assets, a hereditary wealthy class unhindered by estate taxes, income stagnation for the great majority of workers, agribusiness devoted to producing ethanol fuel,  the biggest military-industrial combine ever conceived.
        The Free Market – if is actually unassisted by government or private forces – is especially effective at delivering free mineral rights on government land, deregulation of financial entities and regular bailouts when disaster occurs, selected corporate welfare, and cheap repeat-fire guns.
        It has NOT been responsible for producing clean water, clean air, civil rights, wage level improvement for all, workplace safety, and broad job-associated health care benefits. I want to know how the Republican platform intends for this to happen without government assistance and leadership.
Pete-Kaye, New York on friday evening, August 24th. 

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