Labour turns far left

Jeremy Corbyn

At Britain’s general election on May 7th the opposition Labour Party suffered one of its worst-ever defeats. Then things got worse. The four-way contest to replace Ed Miliband (who resigned on May 8th) as leader has descended into a self-indulgent flight from electoral reality. At the final official hustings tomorrow in Warrington, near Liverpool, all eyes will be on Jeremy Corbyn, a far-left MP who admires Syriza, Greece’s main governing party. Considered a no-hoper at first, Mr Corbyn has done unexpectedly well, securing the nominations of more local party branches than any other candidate. Ladbrokes, a bookmaker, has cut the odds against his winning from 100/1 to 9/4. He will not last long if he does win—Labour’s MPs are more centrist than its rank-and-file members and would surely force him out—but victory for Mr Corbyn would still divide the party, causing even greater turmoil. Lucky, lucky David Cameron.

The Economist

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