Instagram and others have to pay for what they publish – Internet som vapen IX

Two Swedish girls, 15 and 16 years old, were sentenced this week by a Swedish court for aggravated defamation against other school girls. The terror took place on Instagram in December and resulted in widespread riots in Sweden’s second largest city – Gothenburg. The 16-year-old received a sentence of community service, while the 15-year-old was sentenced to juvenile detention. Additionally, they have been ordered to pay over half of one million Swedish kronor in damages compensation to the terror victims.




Comment Micael Kallin

Instagram, the company that made money on the terror, they were not sentenced in any way, not even brought to court. If any editorial office had published the same negative propaganda they had been responsible for it and had been forced to pay damages compensation. The editor had probably been sentenced to prison.

It is without any logic that what is published by the Social media should be treated in another way than what is published by traditional media, it simply doesn’t make sense.

Instagram and their counterparts have two ways to go, either they have to do like traditional media and look trough what their users are about to publish, before they let it trough, or they continue as today but reserve a big part of their revenues for damages compensation to the victims of their sites. They should also be forced to have a person responsible for what is published, whom could be jailed in severe cases.


It is urgent to modernize legislation in the countries where the social media company’s servers are placed as well as in the countries where people behind  hate campaigns or other terror are located.

Let us hope that all fantastic innovations could be cleaned from hate and terror campaigns, and instead used in the name of the free speech with people who sign and stand up for their voices. We do not need platforms for hidden hate campaigns – hatred and terror most often with the motive to silence other peoples opinions – just as it has been for a long time in various dictatorships. We do not need more of hatred and persecution, we need more transparency!

It’s time for legislators to act around the world, not least in the United States where most of the servers are placed!



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