Greeks don’t trust greeks

A gaggle of U.S. economists is arguing that Greece should leave the eurozone, seeing this as the only practical way to lift the pall of austerity that overhangs the Greek economy. Most Greeks want rid of austerity too but, according to opinion polls, think Greece should stay in the euro.A recent interview with one prominent American “Grexit” advocate may help explain the divergence. Last weekend, Nobel Prize-winning economist and New York Times columnist Paul Krugman expressed incredulity that the government in Athens was prepared to risk being dumped from the euro without making any contingency plans about what to do if it happened.“I may have overestimated the competence of the Greek government,” he told CNN.For Mr. Krugman, this is beside the point: Greece still would be better off leaving. For a majority of Greeks, however, this is exactly the point.

Källa: Greeks, Economists Part Ways On Benefits of Eurozone – WSJ

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